If you're taking a cooking break and want to switch to deliveries of Frozen Meals, you'll need to place an order on our frozen shop and pause or skip your recipe box deliveries.

You can find the Mindful Chef frozen meals and smoothies shop at shop.mindfulchef.com.

You can either skip a set of deliveries up to 8 weeks in advance or pause your subscription.

To skip your deliveries:
1- Log in to your Mindful Chef account
2- Select the delivery date you want to skip
3- Tap or click on "Cancel Delivery"
4- Repeat for as many deliveries as you want for up to 2 months

To pause your subscription:
1- Log in to your Mindful Chef account
2- Go to "My Account"
3- Select "Pause Subscription"
4- Tap or click on "Pause Subscription Anyway"
5- Follow the prompts

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