As a flexible subscription and you can always increase or reduce your delivery frequency or add one-off deliveries.

To add more weekly deliveries:
1- Log in to your Mindful Chef account
2- Go to "My Account"
3- Select "Order Preferences"
4- Select all the days on which you'd like to receive a delivery
5- Tap or click on "Save Changes"

You can also add one-off deliveries when needed:
1- Log in to your Mindful Chef account
2- Tap or click on "Add One-off Delivery"
3- Choose your recipes
4- Tap or click on "Place Order"

NOTE: When you amend your preferences the system will reset your meals selection for all your upcoming boxes. Make sure to double check what's in your next boxes after making changes.

Trying to add more meals to an upcoming delivery? Click here.

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