All of your meals will be delivered in one delivery.

Will my produce last the whole week?
Yes, our meals are designed to fit in with your schedule! All of your produce will last the entire week. If you have ordered fish it is best to eat this first, then check the best before date on fresh meat (this is printed on the packaging). Fresh salad leaves should also be consumed early in the week.

All meat/fish comes fresh to us, so if you do not get round to eating it within the week, it can be frozen.

Need to save time?
Our recipes don’t call for it, but you can save time using some kitchen equipment.  

  • Invest in a spiraliser for courgetti
  • Use a peeler for vegetable ribbons
  • A garlic crusher or fine grater can be used instead of finely chopping garlic
  • A food processor helps if you’re making broccoli rice for all the family

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