We currently have 20 delicious dairy and gluten free recipes to choose from:Β 


🍽 Pulled BBQ jackfruit with charred corn

🍽 Veggie 'Shepherds pie' with chestnuts

🍽 Lentil moussaka & creamy coconut bechamel

🍽 Rose Harissa Chickpea Tagine & Roasted Squash

🍽 Creamy Mushroom & Butter bean Bake

🍽  Sunflower Mince Bolognese with Sweet Potato Mash

🍽 Cashew Chickpea Korma with Black Rice

🍽 Yellow Thai Tofu Curry with Red Rice

🍽 Dahl with spinach, roasted butternut squash & brown rice

🍽Sweet & sour tofu with kale, broccoli & brown rice


🍽 Spicy Panang chicken curry

🍽 Chicken tikka masala

🍽 Italian - style beef and squash lasagne

🍽 Lamb shoulder tricolour quinoa

🍽 Chilli Con Carne with Brown Rice

🍽 Chipotle Chicken with Charred Corn & Brown Rice

🍽 Chicken Cacciatore with Sweet Potato Mash

🍽 Thai green chicken curry with black rice

🍽 Lamb shepherd's pie with chunky sweet potato mash


🍽 Creamy coconut fish pie with sweet potato mash

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