Why frozen meals?
After months of research, cooking, tasting, tweaking, and all-round hard work, Mindful Chef has launched a new range: a curated collection of frozen dishes.

The idea was born from our mission to help make healthy decisions easier. We know there are days when cooking is simply not an option. When researching convenience options, we couldn't find any in shops with the same quality ingredients as a Mindful Chef recipe box and we realised there was a real lack of ethical convenience meals with fully traceable ingredients. One simple principle guided our new product development: our frozen meals would be no different to Mindful Chef’s recipe boxes, except that we would do the cooking.

What recipes are available?
Our frozen range currently includes 8 recipes, which do not change weekly. We are working to expand this range over the coming months.

  • Italian-style beef and squash lasagne 
  • Lamb shoulder tagine and tricolour quinoa
  • Spicy Panang chicken curry and black rice 
  • Chicken tikka masala and brown rice
  • Creamy coconut fish pie with sweet potato mash 
  • Pulled barbecue jackfruit with charred corn (vegan)
  • Veggie 'Shepherd's pie' with chestnuts (vegan)
  • Lentil moussaka & creamy coconut bechamel (vegan)

Are they all gluten-free and dairy free?
Staying true to our core values, our new food options will always be gluten and dairy-free, free from refined carbs, sugar, preservatives and additives. We're offering a plant-based option and the meat and pescatarian dishes only ever use 100% British grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and fresh fish landed sustainably on British shores. These meals are all 500 calories or less. They're prepared in small batches from scratch, then speedily frozen to lock in flavour and nutritional value. 

How long do they take to cook?
All of our frozen recipes are ready in as little as 7 minutes 30 seconds - you can find full cooking instructions online and on the packaging.

How do I order frozen meals?
Initially only available to Mindful Chef customers, frozen meals will be available to order in your account from Monday, 1 April. 

  1. Simply head to your upcoming delivery  www.mindfulchef.com/deliveries/upcoming then hit the 'add frozen' button on the right hand side (next to skip delivery and change recipes).

2. Simply click 'Add frozen meal' remembering to save the changes (bottom right). You can easily remove the selection by clicking on 'remove frozen meal' and save changes.

3. This then directs you to an order summary. At the moment you can only order our meals in bundles of 4 along with your usual recipe box. Therefore, the order deadlines remain the same (Thursday midnight for a Sunday/Monday delivery and Monday midnight for a Thursday/Friday delivery). It is at this point you will be charged. 

4. Please note, each meal feeds 1 person e.g. if you select the spicy chicken curry you will get 4 meals for 1 person and so on.

The plan is to eventually offer the frozen meals as a standalone on the website. 

How much do the frozen meals cost?
The price is clearly displayed underneath the product description. They are all priced at £7 per portion (so £28 in total for a bundle of 4 meals).

How are your frozen meals delivered?
They will come in a box that is separate to your usual recipe box - so you will get separate delivery notifications. Our boxes are carefully insulated but please do try to pop them into your freezer as soon as possible.

Just like our recipe boxes, for every frozen meal you buy, we donate a meal to a school child living in poverty through our partner charity One Feeds Two.

How can I recycle/return my frozen meal packaging
casing is fully recyclable
-Tray depends on your council
-Film is not recyclable
-Dry ice packs can be returned with your ice packs and insulation.

We would love to hear any feedback you have, so please pop an email to [email protected] or join our Customer Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindfulchef/ 

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