We have been doing lots of trials this year with plastic substitutes. 

Paper bags are not good at keeping vegetables fresh for a couple of reasons. Firstly they do not control humidity levels well so the shelf life of soft greens is reduced by 2-3 days. Secondly they require manual filling, as opposed to the use of a flow wrap / vertical form filler which will wipe another 1-2 days. It’s for that reason it’s not such a simple change for us. 

We have therefore been researching and conducting quite expensive trials of compostable packaging. One of the ones we did was Natureflex that we shipped in from a company in Australia.

Unfortunately it again did not perform well in shelf life tests so it was back to the drawing board 😔

We wrote a blog on our findings here: https://blog.mindfulchef.com/natureflex-a-compostable.

We are trying tirelessly to find an alternative to plastic!

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