Did you know you can rate every recipe you've ordered and leave feedback for Chef Louisa? It's really easy to do and by doing so you help us improve those recipes you didn't enjoy and champion your favourites.

Simply log into your account and click on the past deliveries tab. Here you will find your last 6 weeks worth of deliveries and recipes. You can then rate the recipe out of 5 in terms of:

  1. Health
  2. Simplicity
  3. Deliciousness

We now have 4 of our most popular recipes on the menu every week chosen by you the customer. These ‘Customer Favourites’ will change every 6 weeks and run alongside our existing 12 weekly recipes, increasing your choice to 16 delicious healthy recipes each week!

 If you really want to see your favourite Mindful Chef recipe again, make sure you log in and rate the recipe when you receive it. Thanks once again for your help.

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