We're very sorry you'd like to close you account. If you've had a problem with your box or the service please do get in touch with the team and we'll do our very best to fix the problem - we don't want any customer leaving Mindful Chef with a negative experience. If however, you'd just like to close your account that's okay too and this article explains how:

If you are going away for a long period or do not wish to receive further deliveries you can pause indefinitely, by going to 'My Account' and pausing your subscription - once done you will receive a confirmation email, no further deliveries or charges will be due. Pausing indefinitely will close your account. 

Desktop view

Go to > My Account > Pause subscription > Pause Subscription Anyway (in red)

Mobile view

Go to 'My Account' and click 'Personal Details' to view the drop down and scroll:

Select 'Pause Subscription' and then 'Pause Subscription Anyway'. 

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