Thanks so much for your interest in our suppliers. We are not an organic service but instead work with British farms who do not rely on chemical pesticides by using traditional crop-rotation techniques, and for meat, use non-intensive outdoor farming methods so antibiotics are not required.

We used to use 100% organic produce and meat, but in addition to the cost, we found that the consistency of supply was very challenging and the consistency of product was equally so. Customer complaints about ugly, mis-shapen or wrong sized veg were much more common. Hence we took the business decision to move away from organic to a more scalable and customer friendly solution, while maintaining the ethics and values of Mindful Chef.

All of our meat is 100% grass-fed, our fish landed in British waters and our vegetables from the finest farms in the country.

We, as founders, visit all of our farms regularly.

To find out more about our suppliers click here.

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Chef Louisa's trip to Belazu. They supply Mindful Chef with amazing pastes, olives, sundried tomatoes...the list goes on!

and our last trip to our veg supplier here: 

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