We are delighted to have a long-standing supply agreement with Farmison - a master butcher based in Yorkshire. Their beef is the outstanding result of generation's worth of experience of rearing cattle. They specialise in the meat of British heritage breeds such as Dexter, Longhorn, and Highland, which are strictly grass fed and reared on lush pastures to develop characteristic marbling and deep flavour. As a matter of principle we keep food miles to a minimum en route to their master butchers to ensure optimum freshness, while they hang (naturally dry-age) our beef which enables the grains to relax into tenderness, the meat to darken, and to lose excess moisture.

When it comes to pork, they exclusively farm native breeds, which boast the essential fat cover and rich succulence that other breeds cannot match. Our hogs are all reared outdoors, and for considerably longer than supermarket meat, which offers the creamy, wholesome, and nutritious qualities pork should boast.

Our wild pasture grazed lamb has a rich, succulent flavour as the flocks graze on a range of wild grasses, flowers and herbs on the Yorkshire Dales.

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