Unlike others, we'll never load our boxes with cheap processed fillers like pasta, bread or white rice. Ever.

All meals are between 400 - 650 calories and approved by our nutritionist.

We prefer to focus on using high quality nutritious vegetables and healthy carbohydrates (e.g. sweet potato, quinoa, wild rice etc). This means we are gluten and dairy free and this helps a lot of people enjoy a more balanced nutritious diet.

As official recipe box partner to the English Institute of Sport you'll eat the same meals as the UK's best athletes every week too. 

Taste is just as important to us, and our professional chef Louisa creates delicious new dishes every week for you to enjoy. Think of it as opening up a new page of a cookery book every week (without the hassle!).

We have countless wonderful stories from customers who say they have had great health transformations as a result of following Mindful Chef regularly.

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