Please help us re-use insulation and ice packs by sending them back to us. 

We offer a free returns program with Collect+. Use the label provided with your box, or print one off here. You DO NOT NEED AN ORDER NUMBER.

Please collect 4 weeks worth of ice packs and insulation before sending back to us - it is uneconomical for both the environment and financially unless the box is full.

Not sure where to find your nearest drop-off point? Search by postcode here

Around 90% of our packaging is actually recyclable and we are on a mission to be plastic free by 2020! We won't however do this at the expense of the environment. Making fast changes without properly evaluating both the positive and negative outcomes could have a bigger impact in the future. In the meantime, offering this free packaging returns options is is the best solution, as we are able to reuse these again and again creating a circular economy of packaging. 

Click here to find out the do's and don'ts of recycling your MC packaging.

You can watch a video here on how to recycle your packaging: 

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